Visit the aqueduct

Aqueduct of Segovia

If you are going to visit Segovia, the Aqueduct is the most important Roman civil engineering work in Spain, and one of the most significant and best-preserved monuments of this time in the Iberian Peninsula.

For its construction (end of the SI or the beginning of the II century) about 25,000 granite ashlars were used together without any type of mortar, it has a length of 818 meters, consists of more than 170 arches and its highest part measures 29 meters, as it reaches in the Azoguejo, its most visited area.

From Hostal Sol-Cristina in Segovia we remind you to always wear comfortable shoes and plan your day of tourism in advance .

If you have doubts about how to get there, contact us, we will explain it to you with great pleasure! 🙂