segovia Patrimonio de la humanidad

Segovia World Heritage City

Since 1985, Segovia is part of the World Heritage list of UNESCO cities.

The beauty of its enclave, environment, architecture and its great artistic, historical and cultural heritage, make it a unique city. The passage of time, the work of its people and that of a multitude of artists and intellectuals from various disciplines, have forged their own personality that, to this day, still remains.

The Segovian architectural wealth, both civil and religious, is of great historical value. Crowds of churches and noble buildings dot the city, bearing witness to very different times.

But also, currently Segovia is a lively city, offering a multitude of cultural and gastronomic attractions to visitors. The streets and squares become the scene of artistic activities several times a year, such as Sacred Music concerts at Easter, puppets and marionettes at Titirimundi or FolkSegovia , the most prestigious show of world music that is held in Spain.

From Hostal Sol-Cristina in Segovia we remind you to always wear comfortable shoes and plan your day of sightseeing in advance .

If you have questions about how to get there, contact us, we will gladly explain it to you! 🙂