Hostel, Terms and conditions

The request and the formalization of reservations through the Web are subject to the following clauses:


The user states:

  1. Be of legal age and have full capacity to request and / or formalize the reservation, stating that you understand and understand all the conditions found on the Web.
  2. That the data provided when requesting or formalizing the reservation are true, complete and concise.
  3. That confirms the reservation made or requested, that is, the dates indicated, the services requested, the number of rooms, people and the chosen accommodation.

Access to the Web: Access to this Web page is the responsibility of the user.

Contracting of products and services through the Web:

The reservation includes the detailed services according to the conditions stipulated on the page from which the reservation is requested or formalized.

The user accepts that Gema Mª Esteban (Hostal Sol Cristina) does not assume any obligation or responsibility regarding those services that it does not provide directly and in particular regarding the lack of veracity, incompleteness, lack of updating and / or imprecision of the data or information about offers, products or services, prices, characteristics and any other relevant data and information about the products and services offered through the Web by external providers.

These general conditions must be accepted by you before requesting or formalizing the reservation.

The reservation formalization process on the Web is developed in 4 steps:

  1. Availability : Search for dates and selection of room type and number of people
  2. Budget
  3. Request for credit card data to guarantee the reservation or full payment of the stay and collection of personal data or identification for registered users.
  4. Confirmation of the reservation : Once the reservation is made, the data generated by the operation will be archived. The client will receive the details of their reservation by e-mail, along with all the related data, conditions and return policy.

Acceptance :

The request and the formalization of the reservation necessarily imply that each and every one of these general conditions, considered as an integral part of the reservation and completed. With the conditions of the rate and the specific applicable legislation, they are expressly accepted by you.